Japan Post Bank Co

Japan Post Bank Co is one of the two most important banks in Japan; with the other important bank that is worth considering is Mizuho bank. Both of these banks are one of the oldest banks in Japan and have been in business for decades together. An interesting fact about Japan Post bank is that it was only recently that it became part of the international wire transfer community. To be more precise, it joined the network only in the year 2009. It completed its transition to become a full-fledged member before the end of the year 2011.

There is another important fact that is worth knowing about Japan Post Bank Co. If you look at its title, it goes with the word ‘Post’ in its title window. As you are aware postal savings is one of the many ways in which people would prefer to save the convenient way. So, this bank is primarily a savings bank that has simply grown to accommodate international transfer facilities. So unlike the other major banks in the world, this bank does not provide investment services and such advanced banking facilities.

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The main branch of Japan Post Bank is in Tokyo, and the SWIFT code for this branch is JPPSJPJ1. Another SWIFT code for the bank is JPPSJPJK which refers to another branch in Tokyo. If you have to send someone money to this bank account, then you need to have these SWIFT codes. The same goes to the person who is trying to send money to you and you have an account with this bank, these are the SWIFT codes that you have to give to them.

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