China Construction Bank

China Construction BankChina is a wide country and obviously it is expected that it has a lot of banks, many of them rank among the world’s largest. Of all the banks that operate in China, four banks are always referred to as the ‘big four’. These four banks are- Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and the last one is Agricultural Bank of China. One trend that is common across banks is that most of them have titles such as Agriculture, Construction and so on.

Despite having names which indicate that perhaps they only operate in the agriculture industry or the construction industry. This is sort of a misnomer because; in most cases these titles refer to the primary purpose these banks were built. Taking our current example, China Construction Bank was originally conceived as a bank to help out the wide range of construction activities that take place in the country. Of course, it still has a major presence in construction finance activities. However, it has grown beyond it roots to accommodate investment services and international exchange dealership.

In order to do business or personal financial transactions with a person with the China Construction Bank, from a country that is not china, you will need a couple of things. Obviously you are going to need the BIC code, which is also referred to as the SWIFT code. Then, you would need the IBAN code of the account to whom you are considering wire transferring funds to. As long as you have the right IBAN number and the SWIFT code, your transactions will not go wrong. They will reach the correct recipient and such a guarantee is possible, thanks to the efficient network built and maintained by SWIFT organization.

The SWIFT code for China Construction Bank is given as PCBCCNBJBJX. Here we would like to draw your attention to the first eight characters or alphabets in the code – PCBCCNBJ. These are the main SWIFT codes, in that they refer to the head office or the main branch has chosen by China Construction Bank. These eight alphabets are good enough when you are considering an international money wire transfer. It is a lot more convenient for the banks, your bank and the recipient bank, if you could provide the full code of the specific branch to which you are sending the money to.

The same rule applies to another party in another country, trying to send you money. You need to provide to the other party the SWIFT code of your branch and bank to make transfer possible.