BNP Paribas

BNP ParibasBNP Paribas is banking organization that was found just over a decade ago in the year 2000. This bank was the result of the merger that took place between BNP – Banque Nationale de Paris. The foundation of BNP dates back to 1820, whereas the Paribas was a bank that was originally called as Compagnie Bancaire. These two banks came together to form what is today called as BNP Paribas. The main headquarters of this bank of this bank is in the France, city of Paris. The second headquarters of this bank is located in London. The London headquarters is referred to as the global headquarter for BNP Paribas.

If you are an existing customer of BNP Paribas and you wish to transfer funds to another account, then you need to be aware of the SWIFT code. The SWIFT code is also referred to as a Branch Identifier Code or simply as BIC. The BIC is the unique code that is assigned to banks and the most BIC system in the world is the SWIFT messaging network. The SWIFT code that belongs to your bank branch has to be provided to the other person, who is sending your money over country borders. This is the main purpose of this SWIFT system of codes.

Just an example is not going to help you. So, let us share some SWIFT codes for various branches of BNP Paribas around the world. Consider the SWIFT code, BNPAHKHH which refers to the Hong Kong branch of BNP Paribas. Another example of a SWIFT code is BNPAMYKA which is the code for the Labuan branch of BNP Paribas in Malaysia. You will notice that both these codes are eight characters in length. Sometimes, you may also come across eleven character code for SWIFT code.

You may have called your bank’s customer service and they may have provided you with a 11 character SWIFT code. Does this mean that we are missing something here? Well, to put your doubts to rest, no. We aren’t missing something. Rather, what we are trying to tell you is that, eight character and eleven character SWIFT codes are both valid. The eight character code is the code for the main branch of that bank. So, BNPAMYKA is the SWIFT code for the main branch of BNP Paribas in Malaysia that is located in Labuan.

How would this help you? Well, it is a matter of convenience, knowing the eleven character SWIFT codes. You can simply provide the eight character SWIFT code and the transfer will still happen successfully. However, knowing the might eleven character code will only help the transaction happen much more easily.