Banco Santander SA

Every country has at least one bank that can be considered to be one of the largest banks in the world. One such bank that belongs to Spain is Banco Santander SA. According to some estimates, this bank happens to among the thirty largest corporations in the world. This is understandable given that financial institutions will always deal in large numbers and occupy an important position in world economy.

The bank provides full range of financial services that includes both retail banking as well as services related to investment. The headquarters of this bank is in the city of Santander which is in Spain. The bank primarily does business in the continents of Europe, America and Africa. It does not have a major presence in the Asian part of the world economy. If you are looking for a little historical fact about this bank, then you will know that this bank owes its existence to the merger of Banco Santander and Banco Central Hispano, an event which happened in the year 1999.

The bank primarily operates under its own name in most countries, though sometimes it has gone the way of acquiring banks in other countries and deciding to retain the local name. If you are thinking of doing business with someone who is in Spain or any other country where Santander has operations, then you will be required to have the knowledge about codes called as SWIFT codes. Another term that is used to refer to these SWIFT codes is BIC code.

That code is BMSXMXMM. It may be of trivial interest to know what does this code mean? As usual the answer lies in the details. There will be different codes for different Santander banks, depending on the country. For example the code mentioned above is for the main branch of Santander in Mexico. If you are looking for another country, say the SWIFT for Santander SA in Spain, the code would be TOTAPTPL. As you have noticed, the two codes are entirely different.

In fact, it is impossible to say that they belong to banks that are of the same group. The reason for this divergence is because of the nature of management of these codes. The codes are monitored and the messaging service maintained by an organization called as SWIFT. This organization decides which bank gets what code and that is why there are different codes. You will need to employ these alphabet codes make financial transacts that span countries.